Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste

One of the biggest potentials for the biogas sector is the more efficient transformation of the Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste (OFSUW) for energy purposes, through the biodigestion of waste.

We have designed and implemented biogas plants fed by OFSUW employing our anaerobic digestion systems in the wet process, specially developed by the Research and Development Department, based on years of technical and biological experience in the sector.

For realities where Solid Waste is not separated or secreted, we have solutions for the separation and sorting of raw waste, allowing the treatment of the organic fraction through biodigestion and the recovery of other recyclable materials.

Biodigestão de Lixo

Advantages of biodigestion of waste

Anaerobic digestion of the Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste:


Minimized environmental impact, ch4 emission, landfills, etc.

Green Energy

Sustainable and continuous production of electrical, thermal and/or biomethane energy, accompanied by the stable financial result of its sale.

Reduction of Final Destination Costs

Significant reduction of waste disposal costs.


Production of a quality fertilizer for use in agriculture

OFSUW (biodigestion of waste) plant process:


The pre-treatment line allows the removal of undesirable inorganic elements and ensures a suitable compound for anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic Digestion

Through our experience, we suggest the use of anaerobic digestion in the wet process as the technological heart of the installation

Treatment of liquid fraction

The fermented substrate at the outlet of the digester can be sent to the dehydration stage, which allows for a reduction of volume, recovery of excess heat, and a considerable saving in the costs of final disposal

Composting of the Digestion

The solid fraction is separated and the biooxidation process begins, during which the material is periodically mixed and maintained under aerobic conditions


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