Sugarcane, Palm Oil, Cassava

The process, already proven and in operation, was developed and optimized to ensure the greater transformation of the organic content of the liquid effluent into biogas, achieving high production rates and efficiency.

Excellent ratio between CAPEX/OPEX/biogas production for different types of organic matrices:

Sugar and alcohol

Vinasse and Filter Cake

Palm Oil

Effluents from the production of palm oil


Wastes from cassava and tapioca production

CLBR Technology – Covered Lagoon Bio Reactor

Tailor-made technology for the digestion of by-products from the sugar-energy production (vinasse and filter cake), from the production of palm oil (POME) and the processing of cassava and tapioca.

We provide the design and construction of CLBR biodigestors with the best drainage, waterproofing and gas-proof solutions.



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