Development of the solution

The experience of more than 130 biodigesters produced at your disposal

We have the flexibility to attend to any project, we develop the best solutions for the specific needs of each reality.

We develop complete solutions for biogas plants or only biodigestion, according to the need of each client. The sum of experiences between Sebigas and Cótica allows us to create proven and tested solutions, focused on results.

Performance-oriented engineering of the biogas plant:

Tested Biological Process

Process Engineering

Detailed Engineering

International and local engineering

We have Process Engineering fully adjusted to the Brazilian market and Detailed Engineering rationalized for the execution and it is oriented to reduce deadlines.

Our local and international structures allow us to join forces and experience to deliver the best solution:

Italy: access and know-how for the development and application of new technologies.

Brazil: together with the client, working with nationalized and customized solutions, incorporating the best international technologies.

Working in various countries around the world, in a wide variety of environments, working with and monitoring the performance of plants that use different types of biomasses, this allows us to offer the best in the world market, always adapting and adjusting to the Brazilian reality, with the characteristics specific to each project.


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