Investment decision support

Partnership from the beginning

We offer our clients assistance from the initial and fundamental stages of the investment decision, as well as biomass analysis and testing, feasibility study to licensing procedures, everything your business needs for a successful project.

We develop:

Viability Studies

Evaluation of the investment in terms of the technical, environmental and economic scope, providing a complete and comprehensive view of all the elements involved.

Biomass Analysis

We carry out tests and analyzes that allow us to establish the biogas generation potential of the different biomasses available, providing the maximum technical safety for the projects and investment plans, counting on the knowledge of those who accompany more than 60 plants in operation.

Optimization of Capex and Opex

We work with the client's vision, continuously seeking the best relationship between CAPEX and OPEX, prioritizing the results of the investment.

Environmental and Regulatory Support

We accompany our clients in the licensing phases, from environmental impact assessment to eventual connection to the power grid.

Sustainable revenue source

In addition to generating energy in a sustainable way, biogas provides other sources of revenue at all stages of the process. With a plant, it is possible to generate revenue in:

Inputs: receiving and giving treatment to waste and waste generated by third parties, such as industries, effluent treatment plants, etc. For the waste generators themselves, it is a way of translating environmental treatment costs into revenue.

Biogas generation: an energy asset that can be converted into electricity, thermal energy, biomethane and CO2.

Outputs: through biofertilizer of high agronomic power, by-products of the biodigestion process.


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