Operation Support

Complete biogas support

We are a reliable partner for the services of assisted operations, thanks to the experience acquired in all the plants that we operate and in the direct operation of the plants owned by Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri.

O&M Services:

Assisted Maintenance

Our preventive and corrective maintenance monitoring programs ensure greater reliability and durability of equipment and installations, extending the life of the investment, reducing costs and avoiding production losses.

Assisted operation

Working with the operators of the already developed plants and the 18 plants owned by Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri enables us to offer a complete service to support the management and operation of the plant, the biological processes and the handling of the different biomasses over time.

Training of Operators

We provide a plant operation course, including both the technical and biological aspects.

Biological Services

Analysis of new biomasses

Biological tests carried out in order to precisely know the percentage of biogas and biomethane produced, as well as the best mixing conditions between the different biomasses.

Checkup and Biological Assistance

Complete biological assistance and checkup service through checks on material storage, adequacy of the facility’s feed recipe, controls in the digestion and mixing process, laboratory analysis of substrates, digester and digestion, thus achieving a significant cost reduction.

Remote Analysis

Through our own SEBI SMART CONTROL software, the plants are monitored remotely for an increasingly simple and effective management at all times and with remote access via the Internet.

Customizable Micronutrients

A series of trace elements with a formulation that reflects the specific biological needs of each plant to correct or improve biodigestion, and it can act on the stabilization of the decomposition processes, the efficiency of the methane production, the activation of the desulphurizing bacteria or the speed in the biological recovery phase.


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