CLBR – Covered Lagoon Bio Reactor

To produce electricity or biomethane, we offer a solution for large volumes of liquid and solid agro industrial waste, based on biodigesters in the form of a covered biogas lagoon with their own recirculation systems, with the recovery of the gas produced.

CLBR technology involves the use of a biogas lagoon that is suitable for organic, liquid, semi-liquid and solid agro industrial waste such as sugar and ethanol waste, palm oil treatment effluent (POME), tapioca wastewater, swine manure and others.

Advantages of CLBR technology:


Anaerobic digestion of organic matter from liquid effluents occurs through the recirculation of biomass in an activated sludge layer, with controlled emptying rates


Adequate digestion volume at the highest flow rates of industrial process effluents in order to ensure the biological stability of the anaerobic digestion

Distribution and Production

Effluent distribution system equipped to perform the best contact between activated sludge and fresh biomass, with the objective of increasing biogas production


Simplified and economical technology, the Sebigas-Cótica biogas lagoons have references that have been in operation for years

Low investment in installation and operation

Tailor-made solutions based on the available and customer-defined biomass - including biomass with high COD content (chemical oxygen demand)

Safe operation of the facility through a specific project designed to reduce risks in the event of seasonal storms which are typical in tropical regions


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